I give this facility 100 stars!!! My wonderful family dentist, Patty Perry recommended Infinite Endodontics because of my excruciating tooth pain where I ended up needing my first root canal at age 24. Dr. Kurtz is by far THE BEST oral surgeon I could have asked for. I had no pain during surgery, she was so kind, cared about my well being before & after the procedure, she was so quick and fixed me up right away! Dr. Kurtz is truly amazing at what she does. I traveled an hour to this facility and I will never choose another place to go! Also, the group of staff that this facility has is amazing. Educated, knowledgeable, kind individuals. They were so professional and knew when and where to be at the right time! I am very pleased with my 2 visits and I hope my recovery goes just as well! Thank you infinite endodontics!
— Kerry Brady
The staff was friendly and punctual. They also were very knowable about all of my questions.
— Jasmine D.
My first ever root canal was done today by Dr Kurtz. I have serious anxiety when it comes to dental work. I have to say, I never felt a thing! A huge thank you to Dr Kurtz and her staff for being to warm & welcoming. I will be recommending you for sure!!
— Karen D'Agostino
All my concerns were taken care of immediately on my follow up visit post oral surgery; very professional, caring and excellent Drs and staff are very efficient
— Maureen B.
We love this place. The staff and doctors are outstanding. Highly recommend. So glad we chose them.
— Nicholas B.
I love how patient and caring they were with me. I have a fear of needles but they made me comfortable enough to be not so scared. Love this place!
— Tabatha Johnson
I need 2 root canals and had the first one done this morning. I am at work, not in any pain and my nerves are finally at bay. Haven't slept in two days from worry about the pain, the reason being I had put this off for so long. Dr. Saint Cyr and Nicole were awesome!!! Both assured me that there would be no pain and everything would be fine. They were absolutely right. Great experience!!!
— Patty Nostrame Wright
Dr. St. Cyr was very nice and informative. I like him very much and would definitely refer him to family and friends.
— Monica D.
It was an easy & comfortable process. No pain or discomfort. My mom and I were given all the info needed to care for my braces. The staff is so nice and they make me feel welcomed every time. Thank you Dr. Gordon. I love my braces!
— Ulani G.
I usually love going to the dentist, but the thought of having a root canal made me feel scared (for the first time). However, the doctor (Dr.Saint Cyr) who performed the procedure was very gentle and quick. I didn't feel a thing and my recovery is going well! The staff treated me with care and respect... unlike other places that have treated me with disregard. Highly recommend this place!
— Neyi Gonzalez
Dr. St. Cyr and his assistant Linda, I believe was her name, if not please forgive me, were very caring. I had a root canal done and they both made me feel very comfortable.
They kept asking me if I was okay and kept me informed as to how much longer they would be working on me. I appreciated the quick appointment and I am feeling a lot better! Thank you very much!!!!
— Frankie D.
Doctor Elena Kurtz provided me with very detailed explanation for my treatment options. She explained step by step procedure that necessary to do in order to treat my tooth. Her knowledge, experience and expertise make her a wonderful doctor. Dr Kurtz goes extra mile and even takes time from her own schedule to help me. She is by far most professional and caring doctor I ever met.
— Vladimir Aronov
I hadn't been to a dentist in about 10 years due to a few terrible experiences when I was young leaving me petrified of going. My husband talked me in to getting a cleaning and (as expected) I needed a few cavities filled. One of the cavities was too deep and unfortunately wasn't able to heal itself leaving me with needing a root canal due to the unbearable pain. My dentist referred me to Infinite Endodontics. I went in extremely nervous. I really didn't want to be there but the entire staff team was extremely welcoming and did their best to keep me calm. They took x rays and explained every step of the process to me. Dr. Kurtz was the one to preform my root canal and she was just wonderful. She was so sympathetic and took her time with me making sure I was okay through the whole ordeal. She made sure she knew the pain I was in was real and did not brush it off once. The procedure went very quickly and they numbed me well so I didn't feel a thing! (Which is the opposite of my past dental experiences.) I sure hope I do not need this kind of dental work in the future but if I do, I know where I will be going. I would recommend this facility to anyone in need of these services.
— Heather Skane Santomieri
Elena Kurtz, D.M.D. was excellent. Marlton office.
— Mark Vogel
I was referred to Infinite Endodontics after visiting New Albany Family Dental and finding out the tooth I was having pain in might be fractured, and thus I needed further technology and diagnosis. Dr Saint-Cyr and his staff were very accommodating and thorough and I could not be happier with my experience!
— Anonymous
This was by far my best dental experience of many! Dr. Saint-Cyr answered all my questions before the procedure. I had two root canals. Dr. Saint was able to perform the root canal without further damaging my front tooth that was already showing signs of decay. A little pain, of course, but the prescribed meds helped tremendously. And the staff is awesome!! Thanks so much!
— Renee Walker
I was a complete nervous wreck going in for a root canal to begin with let alone knowing that i was going to have multiple done at one time.. after completing the procedure, i couldnt find the words to use to describe my experience. Dr. Saint Cyr and the hygenist made sure that i was 100% comfortable throughout the entire procedure. The slightest bit of discomfort and he was quick to correct it. The atmosphere is calming and the staff is super comforting. i am so happy that i went through and started the process of getting my mouth all fixed up so that i can smile with pride.. no complaints about my experience and feeling confident with my next appointment in a couple weeks. thank you!!!
— Lynne Lanier
It has taken a couple weeks to find the right words to express my gratitude to Dr. Kurtz!!! My experience with her on 2 occasions was phenomenal!! She was patient, understanding and gentle which met all my needs. I have had two root canals completed by her and would recommend Infinite Endodontics to everyone. I also have to give a special thank you to her assistant Michelle, she was there by my side and was able to help me relax through the procedure. Great team!!! Again, thank you Dr. Kurtz and Michelle for all you have done for me!!!
— Joanna Sztybel Davis
This morning I had a root canal procedure performed by Dr. Spencer Saint-Cyr. The procedure was virtually painless, with the most discomfort coming from a little pinch of the Novocaine needle! This is the second time I had root canal from Dr. Saint-Cyr and the reason I went back to him, after the last surgery 8 years ago, is that he did a great job the 1st time too! His dental assistant, Alyson, also acted in a professional, competent manner. They both took the time to make sure my comfort level remained high.
I would not hesitate to recommend Infinite Endodontics to any of my family or friends.
— Charlie
Very professional & extremely nice. I had a root canal the other day & highly recommend.
— Steph Mauro
Clean, quick, painless root canal!! I was terrified to be honest and they were all great!!!
— Carie Cuzzupe
I would highly recommend Dr Kurtz and her assistant Katie. I went in for a consult and they did the root canal right there and I was so scared to do any dental work as I never had to do any. Dr Kurtz and Katie explained and showed me what they were going to do. They made me feel so comfortable that I decided to do it that day vs waiting. Thank you Dr Kurtz!!!
— Christine Wells